Bible Study this week will be held on JITSI -- View on this site in the Video Linkup Page
or on the Jitsi server site at .

We are going to try a few different methods for doing Sunday Bible Studies via video. They are UberConference, Jitsi, and (maybe even) Zoom (in the future). All three have apps for Apple and Android. Find the download links on the Get the Apps page.

Uberconference, here we have 3 rooms to use. Rooms 1 and 2 have a max capacity of 100 and room 3 has a max capacity of 10. The room we plan to use for Bible studies on Sundays may change and will be at the top of this page each week. These have the ability for you to call in by phone as well. The number to call will appear above also. Uberconference does not allow embedding in this site, so if we are using any of the 3 rooms, the link provided will take you off this site in a new tab. The Video Church Linkup will also take you to the correct room.

The other option is our JITSI server which is hosted by Brother Kevin's Notary services JITSI server site at

The server requires a host to start the meeting. A box asking for the host to sign in appears if no authorized host has arrived as yet. Hang loose, we will be there shortly before Bible study starts. Want a one-on-one with one of us at other times? Use the chat icon in lower right corner to get our attention and we will sign if for you to video with us.